Thoughts on the Next Level program from the growers themselves.

mark james, radnor, ohio

"The older I get, the more I realize that I don't know as much as I thought I did...I wanted to learn if I could do a better job of farming."
"Randy has brought to my attention little things to look for when you walk out in the field. This year, those little things have been worth their weight in gold."
"As a fourth generation farmer, I look at things as they have always been. Randy has made me think of farming a lot different."
"The beans this year look so much healthier."

brad seckel, caledonia, ohio

"The program has opened up a lot of communication channels in our operation."
"(After a hailstorm) The corn was flat on the ground. Randy said 'you're not going to give up on the crop at this point.' We followed his recommendations, and now the corn looks very good."
"The recommendations are way more specific from the Next Level software. I trust them way more than what I'm getting off Climate."

Bob Forry, morral, Ohio

"The Next Level program opened up our thinking process and got us to try new things."
"I've got some of the best beans I've ever grown"
"I find myself on the software quite a bit comparing things with other farmers."


will gracely, new bloomington, ohio

"I've spent ten times more time walking fields this year than I have in any year before in farming. I find myself out there almost every day."
"I know a lot more now of what I should be looking for."
"The program opens your eyes up to things that you're not actually seeing and can let you know if you need to hit the gas or hit the brake."