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What is the Next Level program?

Each Next Level camp is a group of innovative growers who receive every year:

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4 Farm Camps


Learn directly from Randy Dowdy 8 days every year

expert advice

Interactive Q&A - ask Randy questions about your fields

hands-on learning

Learn directly from Randy Dowdy 8 days every year


End-of-year chance to review results and prepare for next year

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Randy's recommendations on your soil and tissue sample values

real-time data

Compare management and results among the group

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knowledge sharing

50+ growers learning and sharing together in your area

buying power

Leverage the buying power of the group to reduce input prices


Learn to ask the right questions of your suppliers, retailers, applicators, universities, and yourself

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Who should join the Next Level program?

Motivated growers interested in getting better, open to making changes and using technology. Randy wants to pay it forward by sharing what he’s learned, but you have to be willing to participate and engage.

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“Don’t be a ‘next year’ man. Stop hoping and start knowing. Be proactive and let’s go to the Next Level, together!”
— Randy Dowdy

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